How Can the Right Wheelchair Help an Elderly Caregiver ?


A lot of the time, caregivers for the elderly are an elderly spouse. KARMA have taken this into consideration and designed chairs with the elderly caregiver in mind. Here are our top picks of wheelchairs for elderly users with elderly caregivers.


What wheelchair is best for a caregiver?

Ergo Lite Series

The Ergo Lite series is an excellent example of a KARMA wheelchair that was designed specifically with a caregiver in mind. In some cases, the caregiver is the spouse of the elderly wheelchair user, in which case it is necessary to take this into consideration when choosing a wheelchair.

When the caregiver is also elderly, it’s imperative to select a wheelchair that is ultra lightweight, easy to use, and easy to push. The weight of the Ergo Lite series start at just 8.6 kg, making it convenient for an elderly caregiver to lift for travel or storage. The Ergo Lite is equipped with a Push and Pull brake on the push handles to make braking and parking the wheelchair easier on the caregiver. They no longer have to continuously bend down to stop the chair. The Ergo Lite 2 has featured removable and swing away footrests for safe and easy transfers in and out of the wheelchair for both the elderly user and caregiver. The optional self propel rear wheels give the option for the user to propel and move around themselves, offering a chance for independence and freedom.


Whichever wheelchair you choose, the needs of the user as well as the caregiver should be taken into consideration. Picking the right wheelchair can make life easier and most importantly, safer.

If you are unsure if your elderly loved one needs a caregiver, here are some signs to look out for. If you are unsure about the benefits of hiring a caregiver, you can read our blog here.


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